Pritisangam Ghat Shaniwar Peth Karad

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Pritisangam Ghat, Karad

It is a Sangam of Rivers Krishna and Koyana. Most beutiful and shocking thing about this sangam is, both streams begin from same spot i.e. Mahabaleshwar and meet one another at Karad from front. This sangam is exceptionally raise in world. Additionally there is beautifull common Ghat adjacent sangam and sanctuary of Gramdevi of Karad, Krishnamai. Now there is great arrangement and its most gone to traveler spot in Karad. Yashvantrao Chavan samadhi territory.


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Review about Pritisangam Ghat

Amit Patil 10/01/2016
5 / 5

Most popular place in karad, I love pritisangam ghat

Radhika Kadam 10/01/2016
5 / 5

My favorite spot in karad.

Shafik 10/03/2017
5 / 5

Nice place. I always likes to visit.

Mahesh 07/01/2019
5 / 5

Nice place. Sangam of Rivers Krishna and Koyana.

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