Yashwantrao Balwantrao Chavan

Born : 12 March 1913 Devrashtre, British Raj (now India)

Died : 25 November 1984 (aged 71) New Delhi, India

Political Party : Indian National Congress (Before 1977; 1981–1984)

Other Political Affiliations : Indian National Congress-Urs (1977) Janata Party (1977–1978) Indian National Congress-Socialist (1978–1981)

Yashwantrao Chavan Karad, Karad Diary    

Spouse(s) : Venutai Chavan     Alma Mater : University of Mumbai

Yashwantrao Balwantrao Chavan (12 March 1913 – 25 November 1984) was the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra after the division of Bombay State and the fifth Deputy Prime Minister of India. He was a solid Congress pioneer, Co-agent pioneer, social dissident and journalist. He was famously known as Leader of Common People. He bolstered social majority rule government in his discourses and articles and was instrumental in making co-agents in Maharashtra for the wellbeing of the agriculturis.

Early Life

Yashwantrao Chavan was conceived in a Maratha_hendre Patil family on 12 March 1913 in the town of Devrashtre in Satara District (now in Sangli District) of Maharashtra, India. He lost his father in his initial youth and was raised by his uncle and mother. His mother taught him about dependence toward oneself and patriotism. From his youth he was captivated by the opportunity battle of India. Regardless of the unfriendly family circumstance.

Chavan was an animated member in the battle for autonomy of India. In 1930, he was fined for his interest in the Non-collaboration Movement headed by Mahatma Gandhi.during this period he interacted with Swami Ramanand Bharti,dhulappa Bhaurao Navale,gaurihar(appasaheb) Sihasane V.s.page & Govind Kruparam Wani. There kinship kept going forever. In 1932, he was sentenced to year and a half in jail for lifting the Indian hail in Satara.

Chavan acquired his B.a. in history and political science from Bombay University in 1938. In this period, he was included in numerous social exercises and was nearly connected with the Congress gathering and its pioneers, for example, Jawaharlal Nehru, Sardar Patel and Keshavrao Jedhe. In 1940, he got to be President of Satara District Congress. In 1941 he passed his LLB. In 1942, he wedded Venutai at Phaltan in Dist Satara.

He was one of the agents at the Bombay session of the A.i.c.c. in 1942 that gave the call for Quit India and he was therefore captured for his support in the development. Chavan was at long last discharged from correctional facility in 1944.

Death : Yashwantrao Chavan passed on of a heart assault on 25 November 1984 in Delhi. He was 71. He was cremated in Karad with full state respects on 27 November

Literature : Yashwantrao Chavan took an unmistakable fascination in writing. He built the Marathi Sahitya Mandal and underpinned the Marathi Sahitya Sammelan(conference). He was nearly connected with numerous artists, editors and a few Marathi and Hindi authors. He started aggregation of Marathi Vishwakosh (a Marathi dialect reference book). For this, he assigned Lakshman Shastri Joshi as an administrator. He had wanted to compose his collection of memoirs in three parts. The principal part blankets his initial years in Satara region. Since his local spot is arranged on the banks of Krishna River he named the first volume as "Krishna Kath". His years as the Chief Minister of the bilingual Bombay state and later as that of the recently shaped Maharashtra state were used in Mumbai thus the proposed name for the second volume was "Sagar Tir". Later in 1962 he was designated Defense Minister of India by Nehru. From that point on he was in Delhi until his demise in 1984; so he had proposed the name "Yamuna Kath" for his third volume. He could finish and distribute just the first volume.

Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishtan (Foundation) : In 1985, Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishtan (Foundation) was made in Mumbai. The destination of setting up the Foundation was to "sustain his memory by recognizing his rich, extraordinary and significant commitment to social order and popularity based establishment and advancement handle in India's socio-political life and to attempt exercises and project especially for the height of basic man and push his esteemed plans supported in flexibility battle and along these lines reinforcing Socio-conservative fiber of India."

In 2010, The Pratishtan initiated a corpus at the Institute for Defense Studies and Analyzes (IDSA) for the behavior of a yearly Y B Chavan Memorial address. Y B Chavan was the establishing President of Idsa.[2] The inaugural address in 2010 was given by Prof. Sunil Khilnani. The 2011 address was given by Prof. Kanti Bajpai, and the 2012 address by Ambassador Kanwal Sibal.

Places named after Yashwantrao Chavan : In 1984, a designing school named Yeshwantrao Chavan College of Engineering was made in Nagpur. In 1989, an open college named 'Yashwantrao Chavan Maharashtra Open University' was made at Nasik in Maharashtra. The freeway between Pune and Mumbai is named after him as are the halls in the Kothrud suburb of Pune and at Nariman Point in Mumbai