About Karad City

About Karad

Karad is a city in Satara area in the Indian state of Maharashtra. It lies at the conversion of Koyna River and the Krishna River. The two streams begin at Mahabaleshwar, which is around 100 km from Karad. They veer at their starting point, and go for about the same separation to meet again in Karad. The waterways meet precisely headon, hence framing letter "T". Their conjunction is called Preeti Sangam, importance Lovely Meeting. Karad is well known for sugar processing and is known as the sugar vessel of Maharashtra owing to the vicinity of numerous sugar plants in and around Karad. It has numerous prestigious Educational Institutes, for example, Government College of Engineering, Government College of Pharmacy and the Krishna Institute of Medical Sciences and Hotels, for example, Hotel Sangam.

Karad has solid impact over governmental issues of Maharashtra. Yashvantrao Chavan who was the first Chief Minister of Maharashtra and later served as Deputy Prime Minister of India was from Karad. The present Chief Minister of Maharashtra Prithviraj Chavan likewise hails from Karad. He began his political vocation in 1991, and won the Loksabha seat of Karad voting public, in '91, '96 and '98 yet lost it in 1999. Later he was chosen to Rajyasabha.

Climate of Karad

Karad has a place with the subtropical classification of atmosphere portrayed by medium to overwhelming precipitation and moderate temperature. Three principle seasons in the area are:

  • The Rainy Season (June to Sept)
  • The winter season (Oct to Jan)
  • The mid year Season (Feb to May)

Normal most extreme temperature is 36 c and Minimum temperature is 11 c. May is the most sweltering and December is coldest month of the year.The precipitation changes broadly in diverse parts of the tehsil. Atmosphere of Karad is calm. The greatest precipitation is in June to Aug from south-west storm. The normal precipitation is 540.40 mm in Karad.

The dryness is checked in the fields than in the slopes. Amid the south-west rainstorm seasons the sky is vigorously blurred to over cast. Winds are by and large light to direct getting amid the south-west rainstorm season, when they are more grounded especially on slopes. Mists happen at times in the valleys in the harsh elements season.

Demographics of Karad

Starting 2011 India registration, Karad town and encompassing towns had all out populace of 74,355. Guys constitute 52% of the populace and females 48%. Karad has a normal education rate of 76%, higher than the national normal of 59.5%: male proficiency is 80%, and female education is 72%. In Karad, 11% of the populace is under 6 years old. Individuals are knowledgeable and advanced having high per capita wage and high living standards.[citation needed]

Individuals from distinctive religions live here yet larger part has a place with Hindu and Muslim group.