About Sagareshwar Wildlife Near Karad

Sagareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is an ensured zone in the Indian condition of Maharashtra. It is situated at the meeting of three Tehsils of Sangli region: Kadegaon, Walva and Palus. The untamed life haven is man-made; it is a misleadingly developed woods without a perpetual supply of water, and the vast majority of the natural life species were falsely presented. It has a region of 10.87 km.

Greenery and fauna

The asylum is forested, yet with green slope inclines. The backwoods are southern dry blended deciduous and southern thistle woods. Insurance from touching and backwoods flame has brought about great recovery of dry deciduous species. The woods division presented numerous plants in the zone, including Tamarind, Neem, Nilgiri, Acacia, Agave, and Khair.

Huge creatures found in the asylum incorporate a few sorts of deer (Sambar Deer, Blackbucks, Muntjac, Chital) and in addition wild pig and peacocks. Little carnivores like hyena, fox and porcupines are likewise found in the region. An extensive number of creepy crawlies, flying creatures and reptiles, for example, pythons and different snakes are additionally present.


The haven is a prominent traveler destination, with the top tourism season being from August to February. The most well known traveler action is climbing to the highest point of a slope in the haven, from which one can see the Krishna River coursing through fields of sugarcane and grapevines. Likewise in the zone are various hallowed places to Shiva which were constructed amid the Chalukya tradition, and the Krishna Valley Wine Park in Palus. also, Kundal is the area around Sangli, was the capital of the Chalukyas. Kundal is a recorded spot.

About Sagareshwar

The Sagareshwar asylum has much religious, social and archeological criticalness. The haven gets its name from an antiquated well known Shiva sanctuary that draws in a substantial number of aficionados. It really comprises of one substantial sanctuary and a complex of 51 little sanctuaries, all from the Satvahana period. You will discover the Kamal Bhairao sanctuary, somewhat slashed from hard Basalt rock roosted on the edge of a precarious precipice. The passage to the sanctuary is through a thin passage.

Step by step instructions to reach Sagareshwar

Sangli - 30 km

Mumbai - 380 km

Pune - 220 km

Bangalore - 710 km

Closest Railway Stations

Sangli - 30 km

Miraj rail intersection - 34 km

Kirloskarvadi - 15 km

Takari - 2 km

All mail, express and superfast trains stop at Sangli and Miraj railroad stations. MSRTC transports, private autos and auto rickshaws are accessible from Sangli and Miraj to Sagareshwar. Neighborhood traveler trains and few express prepares stop at Kirloskarvadi and Takari stations. It is prescribed to get down at Takari railroad station and continue to Sagareshwar. Numerous individuals reach Sagareshwar by strolling from Takari station.

Closest Bus Stations

Sangli - 30 km

Miraj - 34 km

Kundal - 9 km

Kirloskarvadi - 14 km

Palus - 15 km

Takari - 2 km

Deorashtre 0 km

Take MSRTC transports from Sangli/Miraj and land at Takari. Sagareshwar is 15 km from Palus transport station. You can stroll down or take an auto rickshaw from Takari. It is prescribed that you can take a private auto from Sangli and span Sagareshwar Hill Top Points.