Mahila Mahavidyalaya Karad

Mahila Mahavidyalaya is focused on the reason for self advancement and strengthening of ladies through access to present day, exploratory and quality based advanced education to prep into dependable residents.

The school has very qualified showing personnel, a hefty portion of who have demonstrated their magnificence in educating, exploration and production.

Targets :-

1) To give advanced education in expressions and trade workforce.

2) To give chances to all-round improvement of the understudies and brilliance in advanced education through co-curricular and extracurricular exercises.

3) To teach positive self idea, mindfulness about ladies' issues and rights.

4) To upgrade deliberate instruction with human qualities and social obligation.


Mahila Mahavidyalaya is a medium estimated school taking into account the needs of advanced education of ladies of Karad town and close-by country range. Shikshan Mandal, Karad the instructive society that deals with this school is one of the surely understood instructive social orders of Western Maharashtra. The general public established a young ladies' highschool, Kanya Shala in 1940 and Mahila Mahavidyalaya on August 7, 1986. The general public has given more regard for quality greatness as opposed to multipoint expression. It has given conceivable great framework, HR and more than this, initiative with vision.

It was felt in the last 50% of the 1980 that a decent ladies' school is required on the city side of Krishna extension, an isolating separation between the city on one side and Vidyanagar, an advanced education grounds that had come up on the northern side of the scaffold. The driving from the city and encompassing country region over the waterway was getting to be perilous to the understudies as a rule and young lady understudies specifically. Karad being one of the instructively alive taluka had an expansive populace willing to teach their young lady wards in advanced education. Be that as it may, disagreeable social environment drove them to want for such an office for young ladies' scholastic and government managed savings, guaranteeing quality on the city side of the stream Krishna. In this manner Shikshan Mandal Karad was approached by and by to answer the call of young ladies' training in the city.

The ladies do contrast in their mental cosmetics and their learning needs. So the co-instructive environment regularly a misnomer or camouflaged manly program baffles the scholastic yearnings of young ladies by the brutal hold, so Shikshan Mandal addressed the call and built up this school. It resolutely weathered down the budgetary tribulations of non-award organization with courageous work of its astute showing group and curious understudies. The work succeed at the god pace and the school advanced and earned lasting alliance inside of eight years in 1994 and UGC posting has tailed it in 1998.