Krishna River Karad

The Krishna River (Marathi: कृष्णा नदी, Kannada: ಕೃಷ್ಣಾ ನದಿ, Telugu: కృష్ణా నది) is one of the longest streams in focal southern India, something like 1,400 kilometers (870 mi). It is additionally alluded to as Krishnaveni in its unique classification. The Krishna River is the third long


Krishna waterway begins at Mahabaleswar close to the Jor town in the compelling north of Wai Taluka, Satara District, Maharashtra in the west and meets the Bay of Bengal at Hamasaladeevi (close Avanigadda) in Andhra Pradesh, on the east drift. It streams through the state of Karnataka before entering Andhra Pradesh. The delta of this waterway is a standout amongst the most fruitful locales in India and was the home to aged Satavahana and Ikshvaku Sun Dynasty rulers. Vijayawada is the biggest city on the River Krishna. Sangli is the greatest city on the waterway Krishna in Maharashtra state. Ecologically, this is one of the grievous waterways on the planet, in that it causes substantial soil disintegration throughout the rainstorm season. It streams quick and incensed, regularly arriving at profundities of in excess of 75 feet (23 m). Incidentally, there is a platitude in Marathi (dialect of Maharashtra) "Santh vaahate Krishnamaai" which signifies "calm streams Krishna". This term is likewise used to depict how an individual ought to be, as peaceful as Krishna. Anyhow, actually, Krishna causes a high level of disintegration between June and August. Throughout this time, Krishna takes fruitful soil from Maharashtra, Karnataka and western Andhra Pradesh towards the delta locale.

Tributaries - उपनद्या

The biggest tributary of the Krishna River is the Tungabhadra River[citation needed], a stream structured by the Tunga River and Bhadra River downstream of their sources in the Western Ghats of Karnataka. On the other hand, however the Tungabhadra is its biggest tributary, the Krishna has numerous different tributaries, including the Kudali River, the Venna River, the Koyna River, the Bhima River, the Malaprabha River, the Ghataprabha River, the Yerla River, the Warna River, the Dindi River, the Paleru River, the Musi River, the Urmodi River, the Tarli River, and the Dudhganga River.

The waterways Venna, Koyna, Vasna, Panchganga, Dudhagana, Ghataprabha, Malaprabha and Tungabhadra join the Krishna on its the right bank, while the Yerla River, the Musi River, the Munneru River, and the Bhima River join the Krishna on its left bank.

There are four streams that join the Krishna at an intercection known as Preeti Sangam, or "Partner's Meeting Point" in the Satara District.

  • Venna river is the first river joining Krishna river at Sangam Mahuli, Satara.
  • Urmodi River (उरमोडी नदी) is second river joining Krishna river at Kashil (काशीळ), Satara.
  • Tarli River (तारळी नदी) is third river joining Krishna river at at Umbraj (उंब्रज) Satara.
  • And then Koyna river joining Krishna river at Karad (कराड)Satara.

Three tributaries meet Krishna stream close Sangli. Warana stream meets Krishna waterway close Sangli at Haripur. This spot is otherwise called Sangameshwar. Panchganga stream meets Krishna stream at Narsobawadi close Sangli. These spots are sacred. It is said that Lord Dattatreya used some of his days at Audumber on the banks of stream Krishna. Sangameswaram of Kurnool region in Andhra Pradesh is a well known traveler community for Hindus where Tungabhadra and Bhavanasi streams join krishna. Sangameswaram sanctuary is currently suffocated in the Srisailam store, and obvious for enthusiasts just throughout summer when the store's water level descends

The main tributaries of Krishna river are

  • Bhima river in Maharashtra and Karnataka
    • Sina river
    • Nira river
    • Mula-Mutha river
      • Mula river
      • Mutha river
    • Chandani river
    • Kamini river
    • Moshi river
    • Bori river
    • Man river
    • Bhogwati river
    • Indrayani river
      • Kundali river
    • Kumandala river
    • Ghod river
    • Bhama river
    • Pavna river
  • Malaprabha river
  • Ghataprabha river
  • Varna or Warna river
  • Koyna river
  • Venna river
  • Munneru river in Andhra Pradesh
    • Akeru river in Andhra Pradesh
  • Paleru river in Andhra Pradesh
  • Musi river in Andhra Pradesh
  • Bhavanasi river in kurnool district
  • Tungabhadra river
    • Vedavathi river
      • Suvarnamukhi river
      • Veda river
      • Avathi river
    • Varada river
    • Tunga river
    • Bhadra river