Koyna Dam

The Koyna Dam is one of the biggest dams in Maharashtra, India. It is a rubble-solid dam developed on Koyna River which ascends in Mahabaleshwar, a hillstation in Sahyadri ranges. It is situated in Koyna Nagar, Satara region, settled in the Western Ghats on the state roadway in the middle of Chiplun and Karad.

The principle reason for dam is hydroelectricity with some watering system in neighboring territories. Today the Koyna Hydroelectric Project is the biggest finished hydroelectric force plant in India[2] having an aggregate introduced limit of 1,920 MW. Because of its power producing potential Koyna waterway is considered as the 'life line of Maharashtra'.

The spillway of the dam is situated at the inside. It has 6 spiral doors. The dam assumes a key part of surge controlling in storm season.

The catchment range dams the Koyna stream and structures the Shivasagar Lake which is around 50 km (31 mi) long. It is one of the biggest structural designing undertakings charged after Indian freedom. The Koyna hydro-electric venture is controlled by the Maharashtra State Electricity Board.

The dam has withstood numerous tremors in the later past, including the overwhelming 1967 Koynanagar quake, bringing about the dam building up a few breaks. After the catastrophe grouting of the splits was finished. Likewise inner gaps were bored to assuage the hydrostatic weights in the body of the dam. Indian investigative foundation has figured an aggressive undertaking to penetrate a profound borehole in the locale and strongly think about the seismic tremor action. This would help in better understanding and conceivable conjecture of seismic tremors. The proposition is to bore up to 7 km and study the physical, land and compound procedures and properties of the store activated seismic tremor zone progressively. It would be a worldwide undertaking to be driven by Indian researchers.

In 1973 the non-flood bit of the dam was reinforced, trailed by fortifying the spillway segment in 2006. Presently the dam is relied upon to be sheltered against any future tremor, incorporating ones with a higher force than that of 1967.