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Fashion designing has today evolved into a thriving, global, multi-billion-dollar industry. And its growth is fuelling demand for professionals who can think originally and innovatively about fashion and create sustainable and trendy designs. 

Dishaa fashion designing courses in Mumbai gives you the opportunity to learn, imagine collaborate and create original designs and concepts. The program guides students to design fashion that is not only innovative but also practical – fashion that can make the transition from the runway to the racks. Our students also get a chance to develop original fashion collections, under the guidance of renowned industry professionals.

Students of our Fashion Design courses can seek careers in a diversity of roles, including costume designers, accessory designers or roles in marketing, merchandising, styling and curatorial work. Students at Disha have access to state-of-the-art workshops and commercial studios. We also facilitate internships and give students an opportunity to gain first-hand insight into the world of fashion.


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