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Pune Bangalore Highway 4, Malkapur, Karad-415539 Day Closed: Never Closed Payment Mode: Cash


Krishna Hospital

02164 - 241555, 241556, 241557, 241558

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Arun kadam 10/10/2019
1 / 5

worst hospital. After 4 days they replied as they exactly don't know the cause. at the time of admission patient was suffering with chest pain and admitted with reason complete heart block. after 1 day patient behaves differently. i asked them regarding that they said you are hidding that they have different dieses i.e. speaking with unconscious mind. i denied so they said ok will check. and they sarted medicine on that. for next 3 days they were in unconscious mind i asked for discharge and immediately they given but they took 9 hrs for discharge from 11am to 8:30 pm. they given the wrong report history. which was revealed by another hospital. they said that patient will take somedays or infinite days for stable. now admitted in some another hospital all reports are normal. i feel that the Krishna hospital is only for earnings money to use in politics and for practice of newly doctors.

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